Success Stories

Pyat (Piatre)

Pyat is a community blessed with natural springs, but it has taken community cooperation and commitment to manage the springs to provide for the community's need and cultivate a healthy harvest of watercress.


Gwayavye is a community isolated in the mountains but which relies on konbit and local organizations to preserve a robust agriculture, and address the water problems in their community


Gaillard is a community where solidarity is a way of life, and multiple community groups collaborate on everything from social assistance to agriculture to culture.

OFGDL, Lavoute

Lavoute is home to an active and long-standing federation of over 38 community organizations called OFGDL, which touches everything from clean streets to community theater to helping the community recover its coffee production culture.

OPADBAC, Zoranje (Orangers)

Zoranger is home to an active community organization called OPADBAC, which is working to improve its community by keeping the streets clean, the mountains forested, and its neighbors educated and literate.


An isolated community called Zaboka succeeded in mobilized to get a school in their community, where their previously was one, and a good 3-way partnership has allowed local teachers are bringing education to this remote community. 

OJDL/KDL, Lagranj (Lagrange)

Lagranj is home to 2 organizations who work closely together to improve the quality of life in their community, from agriculture to sanitation to education.

ATIH, Lalwè (Lalouère)

Lalwè is home to a comprehensive irrigation system which is managed by a council of representatives from all the areas benefiting from the water.

ASCOPCA, Akasya (Accacia)

Accacia is home to an organization called ASCOPCA, which has revitilized sugarcane farming in their community and brought life and commerce back to their area.

Community Music School, Gran Jil (Grand Gilles)

Gran Jil is home to a community music school which also helps children with their education and professional skills.