Community Mapping Team




Willes Louis:

My name is Willes Louis.  I was born in Saint Marc in 1983.  I live in Delugé, the first section of Souboy, in the commune of Saint-Marc.  I completed grades K-9 at Mission Possible Christian Academy (MPCA).  I then completed high school at the Lycée National in Montrouis in 2008.  In late 2008 I moved to Port-au-prince to continue with higher education.  In enrolled in two vocational schools to study English and Computer Science. I later enrolled in the CUPH University where I studied electromechanical and civil engineering. In January 2012 I completed a mapping training with COSMHA (Community Open Street Map Haiti) and I now act as its coordinator. I currently work with Future Generations and participate in mapping activities in St Marc and throughout the Artibonite department.





Cyprien Dieudonne:

My name is Cyprien Dieudonne. I was born in the community of Cyvadier, Jacmel in the Southeast Department of Haiti.  I finished my primary studies at Ecole Mixte DieuTout Puissant in Cyvadier and secondary school at Latrinite in Jacmel.  I completed a mapping training with Open Street Map and I currently work as a mapper with Future Generations.







Jhonny Metellus:


 My name is Jhonny Metellus. I was born in 1985 in the West Department of Haiti in the year 1985. At the age of 3 I moved to Cité Soleil.  I finished grades K-6 at a school in Pelerin and grades 7-10 at Izarak Bed High School. I began working as a mapper with Future Generations in July 2012. Additionally, I am a community leader, a licensed driver and a mechanic.  I am a member of a community movement called Konbit Soley Leve, where I facilitate sensitization of youth, improving self esteem and helping them obtain scholarships for professional school.






Lissa Stania Abraham:

 My name is Lissa Stania Abraham.  I am 23 years old.  I live in Jacmel in the Southeastern department of Haiti. I completed my secondary schooling and am now in my first year of accounting.  I have worked as a mapper for one year.  My first mapping experience was with COSMHA and I am presently working with Future Generations.







Junior Petit Frere:

 My name is Jean Junior Petit Frère.  I am 25 years old. I have spent most of my life in Cite Soleil but I currently live and work in Cap Haitien in the Northern department of Haiti. I work as a mapper with Future Generations.  I am very involved in my community.  For example, in 2012 I helped facilitate the building of bridge in the Soleil 4 neighborhood (Cite Soleil) and I assist with a program that helps children in the area attend school.  I also participate in a movement called Konbit Soley Leve, which promotes the use of local resources to develop the communities where they live. I began working as a mapper with Future Generations in July 2012.






Jimmy Rubin:

My name is Jimmy Rubin. I was born in Grand Goave, Haiti in 1981. I grew up and completed school in the town of Carrefour.  Since January 13, 2012 I have lived in St Marc. I have academic training in the areas of sociology, entrepreneurship and cartography. I own a business called Binji Consulting Services, PME.  This consulting firm supports small enterprise sector firms and is based in Saint-Marc in the Artibonite department.  From January-March, 2012 I participated as a volunteer in a project with USAID, Community Open Street Map and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team to put the communities within Saint Marc on the map.  Since July 2012 I have been engaged in an initiative with Future Generations-Haiti with the objective to identify local community initiatives that have achieved a degree of community success or social change. I have an open mind, I hate hypocrisy and I love life.





Feniol Robillard:

 My name is Feniol Robillard. I was born in the Bouyaha section of Saint Raphael.  My mother's name is Gercia Jean Baptiste and my father's name is Fleras Robillard.  I am 35 years old.  I am an industrial and domestic electrician.  I am a trained volunteer firefighter and also a licensed driver.  I am involved in community development work in Saint Raphael and participate in several community activities, especially sports.  I began working as a mapper with Future Generations in July 2012.






Fedras Jerome:



My name is Fedras Jerome.  I was born in 1987 in Aquin, in Haiti’s South Department but moved with my mother to Port au Prince. I completed grades K-6 at the CBS (Bon Samaritan Club) elementary school.  I completed grades 7-9 at the Mixed College Fraternity School.  I then entered high school at the Lycee National in Cite Soleil.  Since the year 2000, I have volunteered to improve the sanitation conditions in my community.  In 2011 I joined a community movement called Konbit Soley Leve where I expanded my volunteer activities in my community.  I began working as a mapper with Future Generations in July 2012.






Louino Robillard:

 My full name is Louino Robillard, but most people call me Robi. I was born in 1986 in St Raphael in the north of Haiti. I am the 9th generation after Haiti’s Founding Father: Jean Jacques Dessalines. After the death of my mother when I was 3 years old, my father left where I was born to search for a better education for me. Due to the economic means of my father, the only place we could live was Cite Soleil. All of this is to say that for 23 years, Cite Soleil has been like a mother to me, teacing me all that I know. 

After the earthquake I stopped going to university to be able to help my country with geographic information. I was trained as a mapper by Open Street Map and began working as an advanced mapper for the International Organization on Migration (IOM) for 16 months in the Communication and Disaster Risk Reduction Departments. I then resigned to be able to engage myself full-time in my community, and in a master’s program in Community Change and Peacebuilding at the Future Generations Graduate School.

I am one of the founding members of a social movement in Cite Soleil called Konbit Soley Leve and of Community Open Street Map Haiti (COSMHA). I am on the board of two NGOs based in Port-au-Prince: Haiti Communitere and Future Generations Haiti. Although I am a trainer in SEED-SCALE community change and mobilization methodology, I see myself as a student of Konbit, a Haitian philosophy that uses the collective to take on large challenges. I am currently working as Head Mapper with Future Generations Haiti.