Success Stories

La Vallee de Demain, Musac

A group of young people in Musac who were inspired by stories the elder people in their community about how beautiful the area used to be. They have committed themselves to reforestation and environmental action

AFVA, Belle Anse

Since 1999, AFVA is fighting for the rights of women who are victims of domestic violence,  and also in female empowerment through economic activities like sewing and artisan work

ODEB, Bainet

ODEB is a dynamic organization that has developed many partnerships to bring important investments into the community, and then builds on them with its 1500 members.

Community school, Morne a Bruler

A community which had no high school and mobilized to build its own with community resources

ODECAR, Ans Wouj

ODECAR is an organization that focuses on improving both rural and urban infrastructure around Ans-Wouj

MOPEDES, Souschod

MOPADES is a community organization working to increase agricultural productivity and access to services in the area of Souschod


KATAF is a resilient peasant's organization that has over 4 decades of promoting sustainable development in Fige


GREFACOOP is a women's cooperative that works on economic and social empowerment of women in Ans Wouj

Community school, La Bresillienne

La Bresillienne is a community that has been running a community school independently since 1990

MARNS, Bainet

MARNS is a faith-based community organization mobilizing the residents of Bainet to protect their roads, their environment, and their health