GREFACOOP is a women's cooperative that works on economic and social empowerment of women in Ans Wouj

GREFACOOP is a women's cooperative in Ans Wouj which is trying to promote and validate actions that develop the community economically and socially. The principle ideas they are trying to promote are women's economic autonomy and social empowerment. 

For economic development, GREFACOOP as a cooperative works with partners to launch social enterprises that generate revenue for the women working there and have a social benefit: they received training from Care on how to create a business creating and selling liquid soap and chlorox, partnered with PRODEP to construct a modern bakery that uses gas and not charcoal, and with their own members' resources created businesses with local prducts such as corn and peanuts. 

GREFACOOP also works on promoting women's rights through trainings and dialogues among its members and also with the broader community.

GPS coordinates: 
Primary contact: 
Odette Mulatre Florvilus, tel: 3887 0487 ; President of GREFACOOP
Dieufène Dalien, tel: 3757 2126, Founder of GREFACOOP

Success gradient:

Ans Wouj
Care, for helping them launch the liquid soap/chlorox enterprise
PRISMA, for facilitating trainings
PRODEP for helping construct the modern bakery