Community school, La Bresillienne


La Bresillienne is a community that has been running a community school independently since 1990

La Bresillienne is a community that, like many rural Haitian communities, struggled with the question of education. There were no schools in the community, so children had to either walk all the way to the nearby city of Jacmel or otherwise never be educated. 

So in 1990, the community got together and decided to establish a community school of their own. It was the parents of the children who contributed in whatever way they could to establish the school, and to this day they contribute what they can when they can to keep the school running; the parents have even gotten together to plant a garden to supplement the food and income for the school. 

23 years later, the school is still running; there are 6 professors teaching 190 children, 87 of which are girls and 103 of which are boys. It is someting the community continues to be proud of.


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Tevin Calvin tel :3804-9307
Jean Paul Emile tel :3708-6112

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