KATAF is a resilient peasant's organization that has over 4 decades of promoting sustainable development in Fige

KATAF is a peasants' organization with a particularly long track record: founded in 1972, they have spent the past 4 decades promoting sustainable development in their community of Fige. The vision was to give the farmers in the community the kind of support and organization they needed to build a rural economy.

The main area that KATAF works in is agriculture: they work on agricultural training to help farmers get more yields, they have collaboratively built an irrigation system for the community, they promote reforestation and agroforestry, and they encourage animal husbandry. 

KATAF also works to develop the area's infrastructure: they renovated a 5 classrooms in the local schools in partnership with PRODEP and established a community clinic that still operates today. All of these are services that allow rural residents of Fige to stay closer to home and spend more time in their gardens, thus contributing to the development of Fige in and of itself.

GPS coordinates: 
Primary contact: 
Jean Charles Madsene tel ;3210-8758, member of KATAF
Pierre Richard Jean Baptiste tel; 3294-9858

Success gradient:

GRADES for technical support
PRODEP for the financing to rehabilitate 5 classrooms in the community school