Community Health

ODEB, Bainet

ODEB is a dynamic organization that has developed many partnerships to bring important investments into the community, and then builds on them with its 1500 members.

MOPEDES, Souschod

MOPADES is a community organization working to increase agricultural productivity and access to services in the area of Souschod


KATAF is a resilient peasant's organization that has over 4 decades of promoting sustainable development in Fige

MARNS, Bainet

MARNS is a faith-based community organization mobilizing the residents of Bainet to protect their roads, their environment, and their health

AFODE, Lakwa Peris

Lestè se lakay yon gwoup fanm ki rele AFODE ki travay pou fòme fanm nan kominote a sou sije ki enkli patisipasyon demokratik ak fanmi planin, tout ki fèt avèk resous lokal, epi yo tou òganize aktivite kiltirèl pou kominote a.

Community Health Clinic, Souffriere

Soufriye se yon kominote ki mete tèt ansanm pou kreye epi jere pwòp klinik santé pa yo.   

Community Health Clinic, Souffriere

Souffriere is a community that has come together to create and manage their own local health clinic.

AFODE, Lakwa Peris

In Leste there is a women's group called AFODE which works on training women in the community on issues ranging from democratic participation to family planning, all with local resources, and also carries out cultural activities for the community.

Tènèt (Ternette)

Tènèt se yon kominote ki avèk sikse pran kontwòl yon sant sante epi jere yon sistèm irigasyon nan kominote a.  

Tènèt (Ternette)

 Tènèt is a community which has been able to successfully take over a failing health center and manage a community irrigation system.
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