AFODE, Lakwa Peris

In Leste there is a women's group called AFODE which works on training women in the community on issues ranging from democratic participation to family planning, all with local resources, and also carries out cultural activities for the community.


Lestè is a commune in the Artibonite Valley which is a rich agricultural area, and the section communale of Lakwa Peris lies within it. The River Ravine-à-Couleuvre cuts through the community, but agriculture largely still depends on the rain.

Lakwa Peris has a strong women's organisation called AFODE (The Association of Progressive Women for the Development of L'estere). Their vision is to raise awareness among women about their rights and responsibilities in Haiti's democracy, and about basic information on healthcare and family planning. To do this, they hold community trainings and forums, and hold cultural activities such as theatre and dance to get their messages across. They engage in civic action by cleaning the community after floods and when school opens, and they contribute among themselves to carry out their activities. 

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Lakwa Peris