MOPEDES, Souschod

MOPADES is a community organization working to increase agricultural productivity and access to services in the area of Souschod

MOPEDES (Movement of Peasants for the Development of Souschod) is a peasants' organization that has been working to promote the agricultural sector of Souschod since 2006. Their approach is to work at the community's pace, connect them with services, and mobilize their own resources.

One of MOPEDES' primary activities is giving farmers greater access to agricultural inputs; the Ministry of Agriculture donated a roto-tiller to the organization, and MOPEDES lends it to farmers for a very small price that allows them to maintain the equipment. They host training seminars on increasing agricultural productivity, and they especially promote vegetable cultivation among their members. 

MOPEDES is also interested in community education: they have organized training seminars on HIV/AIDS prevention and work with youth in the community.

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Joseph Hyriodet tel: 3642-5926; General Coordinator of MOPEDES.

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Souschod (community of Pakmelon)
Ministry of Agriculture, Departmental Direction of Artibonite Agriculture for the donation of roto-tiller and other agricultural equipment
FAO, for donation of seeds
ACF, for donation of materials