ODEB, Bainet

ODEB is a dynamic organization that has developed many partnerships to bring important investments into the community, and then builds on them with its 1500 members.

ODEB is the Organization for the Development of Bainet, and was founded in 1997 for the purpose of bringing investment and infrastructure to its community. In its 15 years of existence, its membership has grown to 1500 active members, and its scope of activities has broadened from agricultural issues to health to hygiene and sanitation. 

With various partners, they developed and maintained a local health center (CGS), a community mill for agricultural products (EU), 42 family latrines (FAES and Canadian Cooperation), and trainings on agricultural transformation for local fruits (BID). What is important is that ODEB has managed to maintain these investments in the community and grow them into something sustainable. 

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EU, Canadian Cooperation, FAES, BID, CGS