ODECAR, Ans Wouj

ODECAR is an organization that focuses on improving both rural and urban infrastructure around Ans-Wouj

ODECAR (Organization for the Development of the Commune of Anse-Rouge) is an organization that focuses on improving the infrastructure of their community, both in the rural and urban sections.

In the urban sections, they partnered with Prodep to replace dirt roads with concrete ones in the town of Ans-Wouj, and to rehabilitate an auditorium in the community that was the heart of all socio-cultural activities in the community. ODECAR also worked to repair local schools to improve the environment in which children were learning. ODECAR also partnered with the French Red Cross to install latrines and rain-water resevoirs throughout the community. 

ODECAR also realized a large-scale soil conservation project in a rural area called TIboule, which not only protected the environment but also the lives of the local peasants who were at risk from landslides and floods every time it rained. The soil conservation activities have been maintained by the community, and it has benefited everyone in the area. 


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Primary contact: 
Pastè Lilite Lucce tel; 3680-0307 Coordinator of ODECAR
Benita Cherichel tel; 3622-1915, Treasurer of ODECAR.

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Ans Wouj
PRODEP for the support for urban infrastructure projects
French Red Cross for supporting the latrines and resevoirs