AFVA, Belle Anse

Since 1999, AFVA is fighting for the rights of women who are victims of domestic violence,  and also in female empowerment through economic activities like sewing and artisan work

AFVA is the Association of Valliant Women of Anse a Pitre, and was founded in 1999 with the goal of defending the rights of women who are victims of violence.  They partnered early on with an organization in Jacmel named Fanm Deside, and they began to reinforce women's rights through training and peer empowerment.

They then realized the best way to protect women in their community was through economic empowerment.  They established a workshop on sewing, artisanwork, making clothes. The other added advantage they saw of teaching the women about making clothes and artisanwork is that it helps to preserve local culture and promote local pride.  The women have developed multiple networks on both professional and peer support levels.

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Anse a Pitre
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