Community school, Morne a Bruler


A community which had no high school and mobilized to build its own with community resources


Morne a Bruler is a small community in the commune of La Vallee. It's a small,  close community where most people are farmers, cultivating beans, corn, millet, and plantains. When the harvest is good, the farmers can bring in a good income.  There was a primary school, 2 churches, and several voudou temples in the community.

But the one thing the community never had was a secondary school - any child who wanted to continue his or her studies after primary school had to walk all the way to the town of Jacmel to go to the school.  The community and the directors of the primary school decided to work together to establish a secondary school with local community resources. The school was founded 2010,

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Morne a Bruler
La Vallee