ATIH, Lalwè (Lalouère)

Lalwè is home to a comprehensive irrigation system which is managed by a council of representatives from all the areas benefiting from the water.



The irrigation system of Lalwè a is a system which is the most important the area. They call the irrigated area PPI, which means « small irrigated perimeters ». It is with the strength of the hands of the peasants that these canals were dug. These farmers still carry out konbit when they are cleaning the canals.

It’s ATIH (the Association of Heads-Together of the Irrigationists of Upper St Marc) who manage the irrigation system. ATIH has a structure which has an advisory council which has 7 members, who are elected. They come from the 18 irrigated blocks. The 7 members have a 2 year mandate. Each block has a committee of 5 members, who are planters from the designated block. When the election comes each block decides on a representative for the block committee. It’s these 5 members in each 18 block comittees which have the right to vote in the election.



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