Gaillard is a community where solidarity is a way of life, and multiple community groups collaborate on everything from social assistance to agriculture to culture.



Gaillard is a section communale in the commune of Cayes Jacmel, and is home to about 25,000 people. It is an agricultural area which cultivates peas, corn, ginger, millet, plantain, yams, and coffee. 

Gaillard is an community where community solidarity is a way of life.  Multiple local organisations work together in a range of community activities: there are youth groups that hold cultural activities for other youth and are mentored by elders in the community.  The community uses konbit to help each other in their gardens and repair community roads. Profits that community members make from their harvest they invest in a community chest for community members that have problems and need assistance (such as sickness or a funeral), or helping parents sending their children to school if they're having difficulty. And recently the community has begun mobilising itself to become more resilient in the face of natural disasters that sometimes affect it. 

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Jean Andrestin Mercredi,Casec. Telephone: 37295004

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Cayes Jacmel