OJDL/KDL, Lagranj (Lagrange)

Lagranj is home to 2 organizations who work closely together to improve the quality of life in their community, from agriculture to sanitation to education.



OJDL and KDL are 2 independent organizations but who work closely together when they are carrying out community initiatives. KDL is Konbit for the Development of Lagranj, and it was founded in 1982. OJDL is the Youth Organization for the Development of Lagranj. It was founded in 1998. 

They work in agriculture, but also work in the domain of education. In the years 2004-2006, the members of OJDL approached the mayor of St Marc to see how he could construct a state school in the area to help more children go to school. It is because of this the mayor helped them find partners to construct the school in 2008. The community gave the land for the construction of the school, and they constributed in the construction by bringing the materials and digging the foundation.

They also work in the domain of sanitation, and with the help of certain partners, they were able to get water filters to every family and learn how to produce liquid chlorox to distribute to the population.

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Primary contact: 
Joseph Fils, resident of Lagranj (Lagrange), coordinator of OJDL. Telephone : 3802 5822

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Section communale: 
Bokozèl (Bocozelle)
CHF for the school construction
ACTED for the water treatment and community latrines