Kominote a/ kohesyon sosyal

SOFAB, Bwa Nef, St Raphael

SOFABS is an incredibly active women's group that mobilizes to do everything from repairing the roads in the community to advocating for victim's of gender-based violence to creating activities for local youth.

Neighborhood cleanups, St Raphael

Every week, the residents of the town of St Raphael mobilise themselves for a voluntary street-cleaning campaign, where everyone, including the mayor, participates


Cap Wouj is home to the historic Fort Oge, which has been abandoned by the government and fallen into disrepair. The entire community has mobilized to try to revitilize this fort, and reclaim it as a historical site for the country.


RAJEPRE is a dynamic organisation in Bwa Nef that concentrates on civic education: they run a community school and teach the children about environmental preservation and tree planting, while mobilizing the community to keep their streets clean

IJDS, Sivadye (Cyvadier)

An organisation called IJDS which is training a generation on environmental preservation by being a demonstration ground for a new type of charcoal made out of coconut husks and cow manure, tree nurseries, compost toilets, youth football leagues, and eco-tourism

AFODE, Lakwa Peris

In Leste there is a women's group called AFODE which works on training women in the community on issues ranging from democratic participation to family planning, all with local resources, and also carries out cultural activities for the community.

Pyat (Piatre)

Pyat is a community blessed with natural springs, but it has taken community cooperation and commitment to manage the springs to provide for the community's need and cultivate a healthy harvest of watercress.


Gwayavye is a community isolated in the mountains but which relies on konbit and local organizations to preserve a robust agriculture, and address the water problems in their community


Gaillard is a community where solidarity is a way of life, and multiple community groups collaborate on everything from social assistance to agriculture to culture.

La Difference, Twa Bebe (Cite Soleil)

La Difference is a community in Cite Soleil which has transformed itself into a symbol of cleanliness and neighborhood responsibility by using community solidarity and starting from what they have. 


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