Kominote a/ kohesyon sosyal

SAKALA/Pax Christi, Michiko (Cite Soleil)

 SAKALA is a program to empower the youth of Cite Soleil through civic education, sports, and environmental action. 


ODCC/KOREPA, Kan Kòk (Camp Coq)

Camp Coq is a community with a spirit of environmental preservation and innovation, and is engaged in activities ranging from reforestation to bamboo artisanship to community cleaning.


Metanoia se yon mouvman jèn moun nan Site Solèy pou transfòme vi yo epi redwi vyolans atravè spò ak sèvis kominote. 

EMASE, Ti Haiti (Cite Soleil)

EMASE is a community school in Ti Haiti, Cite Soleil that was rehabilitated by a community effort and which has a vision of a more practical and civic form of education in Haiti. 

SAKALA (Pax Christi)

 Pax Christi/SAKALA: Edikasyon sivik pou jènes Site Solèy ak aktivite spòtif e anviwonmantal.


OPADEL, La Montagne

OPADEL is a dynamic community organisation which involves itself in everything from tree nursery production to running a nursery school, all to try to give its youth a sense of purpose in staying in the community.

Metanoia, Ti Ayiti (Cite Soleil)

Metanoia is a movement of young people in Cite Soleil to transform their lives and reduce violence through sports and community service. 

Akilbastè (Acul Basse-Terre)

Kominote Akilbastè reyisi elektrifye tet li ak kowoperasyon ak vwasin li a e tet ansamn kominote a. 

MJDA, Akilbastè (Acul Basse-Terre)

The community of Akilbastè has managed to bring electricity to their rural village by cooperating with their neighbors and pooling their resources.


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