RAJEPRE is a dynamic organisation in Bwa Nef that concentrates on civic education: they run a community school and teach the children about environmental preservation and tree planting, while mobilizing the community to keep their streets clean 


Bwa Nef is a community in Cite Soleil that that faces many of the challenges common to the area: lack of sanitation, trash problems, unemployment, and even insecurity. But there are several groups inside of Bwa Nef that have decided to stand up and take responsibility for their neighborhood.

One of those is RAJEPRE (Network of Young Agents Engaged for the Real Protection of the Environment)was founded in 2006 in the area of Bwa Neuf. Their mission was to improve the life of theirneighbors through a clean and healthy environment and a solid education, while involving the community in every step of the process. They have 120 members and are administered by a board of 5 people.

 RAJEPRE’s first initiative was the found a community school called CEFJ (Center of
Education for the Training of Youth), as they saw the need to provide free and quality education in Bwa Neuf. They partnered with a local kindergarten to establish the school, and this became the hub of their activities ever since.
Their most recent initiative was to establish a community nursery in the school where they primarily plant moringa trees, which have renowned health benefits and are a tool to teach the schoolchildren about the importance of nutrition and the environment. RAJEPRE is now partnering with PADF to construct 5 classrooms for CEFJ.
RAJEPRE is very involved in promoting civic action in the community, leading and
participating in voluntary street cleaning campaigns and neighborhood beautification
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