MIJD, Desalin (Dessalines)

Desalin is home to an organization called MIJD, which over the past few years has succeeded in building a road to their community which is wide enough for cars to pass, all with volunteer labor, all by hand. 

Desalin is a commune located in the Artibonite Valley; it's centra town is a historic area, surrounded by 6 ancient forts constructed in the years after Haiti's independence. However there are parts of Desalin that are more rural and isolated, such as the community of Tiplas Machan. The community was inaccessible by car; only motorcycles, donkeys, and pedestrians could reach it.

A group of youth in the area had founded a community organization called MIJD (Integrated Movement of the Youth of Desalin) in 2009. This group of young people decided to work by hand to construct a road, with just pick-axes, shovels, hoes, and their own volunteerism. Now, cars can easily access this community, opening them up to the rest of the Artibonite. MJID is also working to deliver school materials to local students in the opening of the school year.

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Noel Angelet, resident of Tiplas Machan, secretary general of MIJD. Telephone: 3761 2799.

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