Success Stories

Neighborhood cleanups, St Raphael

Every week, the residents of the town of St Raphael mobilise themselves for a voluntary street-cleaning campaign, where everyone, including the mayor, participates

Artisan Center in Cite Blode, Cite Soleil

Cite Blode is home to an artisan's cooperative of young men and women looking to create a sustainable and positive livelihood for themselves through creativity.

Guacimal, St Raphael

A community which has so successfully  bred local cows with a foreign cow and trained the community on animal husbandry that the community now produces so much excess milk that it gets delivered to local schools for free

Shouk Bwa Libete, Gonaives

Shouk Bwa Libete is a musical group in the racine (roots) genre that embraces traditional Haitian culture and the arts, and has created a community space where they teach young Haitians to carry on these traditions


Cap Wouj is home to the historic Fort Oge, which has been abandoned by the government and fallen into disrepair. The entire community has mobilized to try to revitilize this fort, and reclaim it as a historical site for the country.

Nouvelle Vie, Cap Haitian

Nouvelle Vie is a network of dynamic young Haitians who are learning skills about sustainable and healthy living and teaching them to others.

CCISR, St Raphael

A community which has successfully implemented an extensive irrigation system with a partner, that is now managed by a local organisation and has revitilized agricultural production in the area.

COSMAH-Stm, St Marc

COSMAH is a group of Haitian youth who were trained on mapping by the international organisation of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, and are engaged in literally and figuratively putting Haiti on a map.

G27, Jacmel

A cooperative that brings over 27 artisans workshops from across Jacmel together to share overhead, increase visibility, promote Jacmel's rich culture, and teach youth how to be artisans

AFAJ, Jacmel

A cooperative that has been bringing together female artisans in Jacmel since 2003, to share resources and skills.