KAB, Lalwè (Lalouère)

 Lalwe is home to a strong agricultural cooperative that provides its members access to credit, training, seeds, and literacy trainings.



KAB cooperative was founded in the month of September, 1996. The cooperative has 600 members in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sections of St Marc  To become a member of the cooperative you have to pass through an education committee to learn information about the principles of the cooperative, and pay a « social fee » of 125 gourdes and then 25 gourdes to open a file.


The objective of the cooperative is the change the condition of the people in the community. It gives peasants credit and support as necessary. It gives training on agricultural techniques and helps peasants to get improved seeds and other agricultural inputs. It promotes animal husbandry in that it helps peasants find improved breeds of animals. They hold literacy trainings for their members, helping them not only to read and write but also reinforcing their capacity in agriculture and management. They also have a grain silo, where they stock grains and seeds. To get credit from the cooperative, you have to be a member. KAB lends its members money and seeds. 




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Primary contact: 
Joseph Milfort, member and education advisor of the agricultural cooperative Bab. Telephone : 3754 6416 / 3226 5969
Cléamise Joseph, vice president of ATIH. Telephone : 3898 6452

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USAID/HRI, PCH (Production Cooperative of Haiti), FIDA.