Success Stories


OPDEL is a group of young people in Belo who have been organizing since 2002 to promote a healthy and productive life for their neighbors and community at large.

Artists' group, Kafou Pingwen

Kafou Pingwen is home to a group of young artists who are using art as a way to keep their communities clean through up-cycling trash into artisanwork.

MOCCAB, Bainet

MOCCAB is a farmer's movement with 200 members who focuses on environmental protection, community infrastructure, and agricultural projects.


Matador is home to a coffee cooperative called COOPACVOD that has been helping local coffee farmers create a sustainable livelihood for the past 37 years.


A mountainous community which is incredibly productive in terms of agriculture but was isolated from the main roads successfully engaged their local authorities and a partner to develop a road


Limonade is a community that is managing historical site, using that as a way of bringing the community together.


A community which has been successfully managing several captured springs to deliver water to their otherwise water-scarce community

RCDZL, Ravine Des Roches

A movement inside of Ravine des Roches to address the community's lack of roads and infrastructure through volunteer labor and community contributions.

SOFAB, Bwa Nef, St Raphael

SOFABS is an incredibly active women's group that mobilizes to do everything from repairing the roads in the community to advocating for victim's of gender-based violence to creating activities for local youth.

Community Health Clinic, Souffriere

Souffriere is a community that has come together to create and manage their own local health clinic.