Success Stories

OPK, Karakol (Caracol)

Karakol is home to a farmer's organisation that uses a cocoa nursery to support a local community school.

APADD, Demontreuil

In Demontreuil, a farmer's organization called APADD is working to give farmers access to training, seeds, tools, and micro-credit, while investing what they can earn back in their community.

ODPM, Matiren (Mathurin)

Mathurin is an isolated mountain community that uses the traditional konbit to organize everything from community sanitation to education to agriculture.

La Difference, Twa Bebe (Cite Soleil)

La Difference is a community in Cite Soleil which has transformed itself into a symbol of cleanliness and neighborhood responsibility by using community solidarity and starting from what they have. 

REMUSOV, Vodrey (Vaudreuil)

Vodrey is an innovative, dynamic organic farming community in the rural part of Cite Soleil, which has had incredible success with a community micro-credit system called mutuelle de solidarite. 

SAKALA/Pax Christi, Michiko (Cite Soleil)

 SAKALA is a program to empower the youth of Cite Soleil through civic education, sports, and environmental action. 


ATAL, Calumette

ATAL is a community organisation with an incredibly successful tree nursery, and experience reinforcing community capacity through agricultural training and micro-lending. 

ODCC/KOREPA, Kan Kòk (Camp Coq)

Camp Coq is a community with a spirit of environmental preservation and innovation, and is engaged in activities ranging from reforestation to bamboo artisanship to community cleaning.

FTKDG, Gan Bad (Grand Bad)

Gan Bad is a community that is working to build roads by hand through the mountains, with community collaboration and the traditional konbit.

OPECS, Norway (Cite Soleil)

OPECS is a dynamic fishing cooperative in Cite Soleil that has brought a lot of social cohesion to the community of Norway in Cite Soleil