Artists' group, Kafou Pingwen

Kafou Pingwen is home to a group of young artists who are using art as a way to keep their communities clean through up-cycling trash into artisanwork.

In the community of Kafou Pingwen in 2010, a group of 30 young people decided that they wanted to do something about the trash in their community. There had been a few of them which had gottan a training from the artists' cooperative FOSAJ in Jacmel on how to use various items to make artisanwork, and they shared their knowledge with the group. So now this group of young people clean up the streets by taking all sorts of trash (plastic bags, water sachets, plastic wrappers) that people in the community throw out and up-cycle them into belts, bags, frames, and other decorative things.  Now the community doesn't throw trash in the streets like they used to; they assemble them to give to the young people so be up-cycled into art. 

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