OJPV, Valere

 Valere is a community which has completely reforested itself over the past quarter-century, and is growing a sustainable model forest.


OJPV (Organization of Young Progressives of Valere)

OJPV was founded on the 6th of January, 1987 after the Duvalier regime. Under the Duvalier regime, the authorities cut down the majority of the trees of Valere. They called the zone a “zòn  Kamoken“, which meant that it was an area where the people were in rebellion against the Duvalier regime. By the time the regime fell in 1986, Valere was completely deforested, and that is what inspired the creation of OJPV.

OJPV intervenes in the domain of agroforestry. Their nursery produces 40,000 saplings each year. To help the plants grow, they use compost that OJPV themselves makes with organic matter. When the saplings are prepared, the OJPV leaders go to churches and voudou temples to announce the date that they’ll be doing the distribution of the trees. 85% of the trees are distributed free of charge to the community. 5% of the saplings are sold to the community, and the other 10% OJPV plants in a forest they are developing by the head of Rivyè Boukan Lafèt as a demonstration forest. Out of the money collected by selling the trees, 40% goes to people working in the nursery, 40% goes to OJPV, and the other 20% goes to small community projects.


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5) Michelet Elisema, one of the leaders of OJPV. Telephone : 3897 3733

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MCC, Menonite Central Community, which helps with training and some materials.