UJAPH, Fond Jean Noel

Fond Jean Noel is home to an organization called UJAPH, which focuses on education and training for behavior change, and providing services such as community micro-credit and agricultural training.

UJAPH is the Union of the Youth for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti, founded the 4th of August 1996. It is a national network which has its headquarters in Port au Prince but has a presence in multiple departments. In the Southeast department, there is not a lot of activity in the town of Jacmel, but many active branches in the countryside. UJAPH in Fond Jean Noel is an organisation that helps community members change their behaviors and receive training. They divide their efforts among children, youth, and adults.

With children, they give free afterscool tutoring lessons for free, and for some UJAPH pays for their schooling. For the youth, UJAPH provides agricultural training. Currently, they have a community coffee nursery where they are training youth in coffee production. The profit from the coffee they invest in other social  programs (like paying school for children). They train youth in protecting their environment and their health, and they have a recreation space where youth can play football. They even just started a small professional school, starting with 5 children.

With the adults, they established a group called CODECOP, which is a micro-credit cooperative. Members deposit a certain amount of money in an account, and the more they deposit the more they can borrow for small commercial activities. The profit from the small interest collected goes back into their other social programs

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Brutus Mona, founder of UJAPH. Telephone: 36751521/22741590
Faulustin Premise, secretary of UJAPH.Telephone: 3792 7149

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