Tènèt (Ternette)

 Tènèt is a community which has been able to successfully take over a failing health center and manage a community irrigation system.


Community Health Center

The community health center in Tènèt was founded in July 1996, but was opened on the 8th of January 1997. The health center was constructed with community money and the support of two institutions (IOM and Hospital Albert Schweitzer). From the year 1997-2005, it was HAS which managed the health center by sending doctors and nurses. Before the founding of this health center, the people of Tènèt had to walk 4-5 hours to get to the hospital in Vèrèt.

In 2005, there was a problem in the community and HAS had to withdraw its doctors and nurses, and the health center closed its doors. KDS6ST (Committee for the Development of the 6th section Tènèt) re-opened the health center with credit from KOPOSOV to buy medicine.The center has one auxilary aid who works as a volunteer. When there are no outbreaks of disease, they receive from 10-15 patients a day. The consultation fee is 50 gourdes (about $1.25), and the patient can buy prescription medicine from the pharmacy.


Water Management in Tènèt 

The elevation of Tènèt (1200 to 1300 meters above sea level) means that water is scarce. There are 2 small springs in the areas of Labòn (Laborne) and Bab (Barbe). The springs produce so little water that people in the community were forced to spend all night by the spring just to get water. The amount of people going to the spring degraded the environment and sanitation level of the spring.

With the support of Helvetas Haiti and the local Section Communale Assembly of Advisors, they were able to capture both of the springs. This initiative allowed for the quality of hygiene and the quantity of water available to improve. The two areas of Bab and Labon have established a committee of 7 members to manage the 2 springs. A bucket of water costs ½ a Haitian gourde (approximately $0.01). In the rainy season every family can buy 2 buckets in the morning and 2 in the afternoon every day. In the dry season, the committee only distributes water 3 days throughout the week.


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Darelus Monace, Kòdonatè Kazèk Tènèt. Telefòn : 3818 2235

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6th section
HAS, IOM, Oxfam GB, the State
Helvetas Haiti