MJDA, Akilbastè (Acul Basse-Terre)

The community of Akilbastè has managed to bring electricity to their rural village by cooperating with their neighbors and pooling their resources.





MJDA (Movement of Youth for the Development of Akilbastè.)

MJDA was founded in 2005.  In terms of social change, MJDA approached the community and searched for the support of some partners to bring electricity to Akilbastè. They efforts paid off. The community invested 20% of the money needed to realize the project. Now there are power lines that extend 1.5 km through the community and more than 200 families in Akilbastè have electricity at home. The electricity allows many families to start ice and cold drink businesses. It allows them to light up the area, fight mosquitos (for the families that have fans).

MJDA established a committee with people in the community to manage the electricity lines and the distribution. They collect a fee every month from the families that are using electricity. From the money they collect, a part of it is for EDH (Haiti’s official electricity institution), and some is for the community to allow them to repair any damages to the lines and expand the system. At the start of the project only 15% of families were given access to electricity, and with the money they’ve collected they’ve been able to expand the system to the point where 98% of families in Akilbastè have electricity at home.

The partners that helped Akilbastè realize this project were CECI and the section communal’s advisory council

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Zamor Rony, resident of Akilbastè, advisor in MJDA. Telephone: 3373 0052.

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