APDC, Chevodèklòch (Chevreau des Cloches)

Chevodèklòch is home to an organization engaged in many activities, and is currently managing a solar-powered water filtration system.  It is also home to another organization which has taken the lead on building a local school. 

APDC -The Association for the Development of Chevodèklòch (Chevreau des Cloches)

APDC was founded in 1991. They work in the domain of agriculture. They

distribute fertilizer and constructed a community store to sell agricultural inputs. They intervene in curing irrigation canals. When the curage happens, it’s all the community which participates with their own labor, and the community also provides food and drink. The organization also helped mobilize the community to bring electricity into the area.

They also led an effort to put a water treatment center by the river. When the community approached DINEPA for the center, DINEPA only promised to provide the material and the cement. It was the community which gave the land, the sand, and worked to dig the foundation and paid masons to construct the center.The center uses a solar-powered pump to draw river water. The pump works all day. A bucket of water sells for 2 gourdes, but 3 buckets costs 5 gourdes. There is a committee of 3 members from the community who maintain the center, and they are volunteers. There is a technician from the community and it’s him that distributes the water in the community.




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Primary contact: 
Chritian Jordone, resident of Chevodeklòch (Chevreau des Cloches), coordinator of ADCC. Telephone : 3643 7676

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Section communale: 
Bokozèl (Bocozelle)
DINEPA for the solar-powered pumps
Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources for the pumps